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Biltong – The healthiest fast food snack in town. Air dried and cured with coriander, salt and red wine vinegar. Seasoned to perfection and made according to age old customs and traditions of years past. Secret recipes that will keep your taste buds satisfied.

Since the beginning of time, curing has been a great way to lock those natural minerals and flavours into the meat, thus ensuring every mouthful is as succulent and nutritious as it should be.

At the Biltong Bar, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best premium biltong and bringing it to you, fresh and full of the natural goodness one would expect from this South African favourite.

So when you are next at your local market, don’t be surprised to find those twin South African flags flying high…. this could just be your very own Biltong Bar.


Getting your hands on Biltong Bar products has never been easier. Whether you are out in the high street, attending a family day at the Artisan market or a food festival, or just relaxing in the comfort of you own home….Biltong Bar is there to spirit you off to a nostalgic reunion with your favourite South African products.
Either, check out our Facebook page updates for where our markets are located that week, pop down to one of our many market outlets…or simply click on the “quick shop” icon and have your products delivered directly to you. Its that easy…

  • Step 1.

    We produce the highest quality products to suit every pallet.

  • Step 2.

    You choose your preferences, either at our stand or through our online quick shop.

  • Step 3.

    Pay the bill and enjoy your purchase.

  • Step 4.

    Feel completely satisfied, that the Biltong Bar hit the spot.

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